Start Here!

If you are brand new to genealogy research, HERE is a place for the beginning first steps in genealogy research. 

You start with yourself and identify what you know, including gathering copies of important vital documents.  Then you move onto your parents and do the same thing, then onto each generation after that.  All while recording the information you find out in your genealogy forms.  The basic forms you should use for genealogy research are the Pedigree form and the Family Group Sheet.  These forms will help you keep track of the new family members you find.  Also helpful in your research are the Research Calendar, Source Summary and the Census extraction forms.  These forms are tools that are helpful in keeping you from duplicating research efforts and keep you on track.  When you fill out the information on your family in the pedigree chart and the family group sheet, you can then analyze the information you found and see the holes that are missing in your research.  These holes of missing information is where your research should head. 

As you go up your family tree and get farther away from yourself in your genealogy research, the better your chances are that you will find which town or area within the State of Chihuahua your family is from.  Finding out the town, village, rancho or area that your family is from is very helpful in your research.   Here is a POST that better explains what I mean.

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