Country Coordinator

Hello, my name is Patricia Stanard.  I am grateful to be your Country Coordinator and look forward to helping you search for your ancestry from Mexico. 

A little about myself, I have been researching my family ancestry since early 1980’s.  My father’s side of the family comes from  Zacatecas and my mother’s side of the family come from Chihuahua.  I do have a genealogy website and you can find it here.  I have been blogging on my website for 7 years .  Personally, I am married, I have a beautiful daughter and a loving furbaby named Roxy.

I started searching for my Dad’s family roots when after one of the annual family reunions, I realized that I didn’t know much about my dad’s side of the family.  As a child of divorced parents, this realization fueled my curiosity and started me on a 25+ year journey to find more about this side of the family.  I have researched my dad’s side of the family back to my 4 times great-grandparents and found a missing sister to my grandfather.  You can read all about it on my website.

Thank you,

Patricia Stanard